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list of goods:

- Hondavert KPro V2 (replica hondata kpro v2) + support KManager. Pay now PayPal
- Hondavert S300 JDM (replica hondata v1 JDM) + fast memory + support Crome + support SManager.  Pay now PayPal
- Hondavert S300 USDM (replica hondata v1.5 USDM) + fast memory + support Crome + support SManager. Pay now PayPal
- Hondavert CPR Coil pack retrofit (replica hondata CPR) + works on a chip / ostrich / hondata / hondavert / etc. Pay now PayPal
- Hondavert Socket Tester OBD0/OBD1 (replica hondata Socket Tester OBD0/OBD1)
- New memory for Hondata v1 (green board)
- ECU K Series " PRA "
- ECU K Series " PRB "
- ECU K Series " PNF "
- ECU OBD1 VTEC ( P28/ P08/ etc )